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Product Name:TRM Resistive Load Device
Product No:254

download attachments PDF: TRM Resistive Load Device TRM

Added time:2015/11/3

Product Introduction:

 The load resistor is a purely resistive resistor cabinet made up of dry-type resistance
 elements,and is a a high-power energy-consuming is mainly used in analog
 tests of the load performances of electrical equipment like disel generator set. Ups
 power supply . Steam turbo-generator, motor, inverter,etc.. and consumes, in the
 form of heat, the electrical energy from such devices.
 The load reactors absorb a large amount of interference of the power line to avoid
 damage to your inverter, gearbox speed controller and other sensitive equipment,
 and prevent disorderly closedown, thus helping to extend the life of equipment .
 They are modern technical solutions to the application problems of inverters and

Product Application:

 In a number of fields such as shipbuilding,electric power,telecommunications,
 widely used.

Technical Specifications:

 Complete range : multiple aeries of AC, DC,AC/DC common , and low, medium and
 high voltage , etc.
   .Tailored :any specifications , including dedicated ,for testing, for measurement,
    etc,can be customized:
   .Materials of resistive elements:alloy materials with low temperature coefficient,
    censuring stable and accurate load:
   .Voltage range :up tp 20KV:
   .Power range : up to tens of megawatts;
   .Carton types :portable /movable/fixed /container;
   .Flexible and varied load gears, which may be adjusted locally or remotely:
   .Cooling:natural cooling, forced air-cooling: